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Here is what our patients have to say about their experience at getFUE Hair Clinic in Turkey:

  • best hair transplant results I had my first procedure 6 months ago and I couldn't be happier about my result!
    If I knew it would be so easy, I would have done it sooner.
    The installations were state of the art and everyone was so nice to me, and just 6 months after, I'm already showing great results!
    I felt no pain, I just had to sit back and enjoy the ride :)

    Thank you to everyone at GETFUE and Kristina for their skill and professionalism.
    You've made this experience a life changing one and I'll be forever grateful for what you've done.

    04 November 2013
  • Turkey Hair ClinicThe most valuable choice i have done, is choosing you guys to do the transplant.
    Good service, kind personnel, good price and Awesome job with the transplant! Much better than than the other place I have been before.

    Jonas B.
    02 November 2013
  • I can easily recommend going to the GetFue clinic if you wish to address your hair loss.
    I went to the GetFue clinic to lower my hairline and I'm now 7 month post up and the results looks very promising.
    The service is good and Kristina, the consultant, answer mails quickly with perfect English. The clinic itself is nice and clean. You always tend to be a bit nervous since the price at GetFue is quite cheap compared to other clinics. But you need not be worried. The staff know what they are doing.
    Only thing you need to know is that some of the staff members at the clinic does not speak English very well. But no worries the service is sublime and you are able to communicate easily with the surgeon who does the hair transplant.
    I'll encourage anyone who wish to address their hair loss to contact Nick and get on a plane to Turkey. You will not regret it.

    Kind regards.
    Michael, Denmark

  • Turkey Hair Transplant ClinicThank you for the friendly recpetion and for a nice stay. I think the team did a good job and I would recommend the clinic to anyone.

    14 September 2013
  • Turkey Hair Transplant ReviewI did my HP and for now everything looks good my scars are gone I'm on 20th day of my HP my hair starts slowly to fall of, but this is due to stress of the HP and is normal and now I can wait and see the result. I'm happy with the servicec in clinic everyone is polite and everything seemed to me profesional.

    Dian D.
    22 October 2013
  • Hair Transplant TurkeyHi
    I am now at the 4th day after the 3700 grafts FUE transplantation in Antalya, Turkey. I found review of this hospital doing hair transplantations in very atrtractive price on some forums about balding.
    I contacted Nick at, who responded immediately that I can have hair transplantation knowing my conditions.
    I came to Antalya, the driver with the car (white FIAT DOBLO) was waiting for me with my name on the sheet of paper. When we reached the hospital (very modern buiding) I had to fill some papers and I was put in nice clean room with TV, Wifi internet and clean bathroom. I got diner and rested for thge rest of the day.
    Next day doctors came in the morning to propose mi the hairline. I chose on of the options. Then I was taken to shave my head and after that I was taken to the operation room. The procedure was divided into two parts. At first part the doctor gave me local anesthesia (not much pain with these injections) and started to extract the grafts. After extracting the grafts I got local anesthesia (injections) on the top of my head where the grafts were to be implanted. I felt little sick then, but I got immediate help from the doctors and assistants. Then I was taken on the wheelchair to my room to rest and have a dinner.
    After 30 minutes I was taken again to the operation room and the team started to implant my grafts. I felt no pain, although sometimes the sitting position was not comfortable, but I could make it. Doctors were asking my if I feel pain, if I'm ok. Second part lasted about 5,5 hours. Sometimes I was just sleepy and didn't think about it all. At the end the doctors were singing Turkish songs :-)
    At 18:30 I was taken to my room and given painkiller and antiobiotic. First night was little painful, secind was less painful after that I had no problem to sleep. I had little just little swelling on the bottom on my forehead on the 3rd day, but it's almost gone.
    In English:
    Thank You GETFUE and Kristina for being in contact all the time. You are all great. You cared about me every minute of my stay.
    This was great and I hope to show my new hair after it grows.

    06 May 2013
  • Turkey Hair Transplant ClinicAgain i would like to thank very very much , you all took care of me like familly. I was very happy , all visit was basicly PERFECT
    I am really really impressed how u treat me from the begginnig .
    Special thanks to all the team and Kristina from comminication center , you are all great
    Thank You very very much again to all youre stuff
    That was basicly like miracle , one day i thought iam gonna have for that money 500 grafts and even that they try to push me on some May appointments , they want see me before ..u know them for consultations for basicly step by step robing people money and cheating .
    and then i contact getfue , and few days later i got muchhhh much more that i expected , that was really shock , how u guys organised ,
    For me that look like real 21 century clinic with really really bright future , iam sure about it .
    Good luck to you all

    17 February 2013
  • I am back in the uk and as I mentioned before I would recommend you.
    Kind regards

    12 August 2013
  • It´s been 2 months since my transplant. It has been a good experience and I will come for my 2. hairtransplant as soon as possible thsts for sure.

    01 August 2013

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