Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Stem Cell Therapy

A unique method of using your body's resources to improve the healing process.

At getFUE, we are always committed to giving our patients the best hair transplantation results. As the most advanced hair clinic in Turkey, we always adopt the newest technologies and hair transplantation methods to stay at the cutting edge of our profession. This is why we are the first hair transplant center in Turkey to introduce a radically new approach to dramatically improve the rate of healing after a hair transplant procedure - the Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP Therapy. With this revolutionary approach to hair transplantation, we are able to give our patients significantly better recovery rates and improved quality of transplanted hair grafts.

What is the platelet-rich plasma stem cell therapy?

PRP therapy is already used in some hair transplant centers in the USA. The aim of the procedure is to stimulate transplanted hair follicules and "switch" them into active growth phase. It is a unique method of using the resources of your own body to improve the healing process in the soft tissue. The concentrated, platelet-rich plasma is prepared from the patients' own blood using a special centrifugal system at our hair clinic. This is why PRP therapy effectively impacts the healing of post-operational wounds and stimulates hair growth and hair thickness after a hair transplant.

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How can PRP therapy be used in hair transplantation procedures?

PRP therapy cannot be applied on the outside of the patients' skin as a lotion or cream. The tiny wounds that remain after a hair transplantation procedure, which are under 1mm in size, make for ideal channels for application of the the platelet- and growth factor-rich plasma, which is prepared from the patients' own blood. Our hair transplant clinic administers an optimized PRP therapy method. The main features of the procedure are:

  • The extracted hair follicles are submerged into the plasma while they wait to be transplanted. This significantly increases their survivability and improves future growth.
  • During the preparation of platelet-rich plasma solution, a special process (induced platelet lysis) is used to increase growth factors in the end solution.

PRP therapy procedure at our hair clinic

PRP-therapy at getFUE clinic is carried out during the transplant session. At this time, before the scalp has healed, PRP solution has the greatest effect on the healing times.

Before every procedure, our hospital staff takes a small quantity of the patients' blood. This blood is then fractionated and centrifuged according to a specially developed methodology. Specific fractions are separated that are rich in platelets and growth factors. The solution is then spread over parts of the patient's head that contain hair. Strict aseptic conditions have to be observed over the entire procedure. No additional trauma is caused during the PRP therapy.

What is the defference between PRP-Therapy and Stem Cell Treatment?

There is no difference, except for the name of the identical procedure.

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PRP-Therapy (Stem Cell Treatment) at our clinic

While this treatment might be offered by other clinics, we are one of the few hospitals in Turkey with certified equipment. Our nurses have the extra training in these treatments. The degree of hygiene at our certified hospital simply cannot be rivaled by any stand-alone clinics.

Results of the PRP therapy in combination with FUE hair transplants

PRP therapy was first used more than 8 years ago. The results of PRP therapy application on follicular unit extraction (hair transplantation) patients, both during the procedure and with a prior injection of the PRP solution into the patients' scalp before the procedure, shows an improved rate of growth of the transplanted hair as well as a significant increase the hair's thickness. The results were statistically compared to the control group of patients who received a hair transplant without the application of PRP therapy. There is also evidence of hair recovery in patients with Alopecia areata (AA).

The specifics of PRP therapy

For the platelet-rich plasma therapy to have the desired effect, a certain concentration of platelets needs to be achieved in a unit of the centrifuged blood plasma. Only plasma with exceptionally high levels of platelet concentration will induce revascularization in hair follicles and stimulate the physiological processes in the transplanted hair grafts.

Platelet-rich plasma contains seven platelet growth factors, as well as antibacterial peptides, catecholamines, serotonin and three important proteins, which positively impact the process of regeneration. Apart from the positively impacting and stimulating regeneration, PRP therapy also normalizes the function of the sebaceous glands in the hair follicles. PRP therapy also has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal effects.

PRP therapy is completely painless.

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