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Antalya is a popular holiday destination on Turkey's southern coast. With its world-famous Mediterranean beaches and luxury hotels the city attracts millions of tourists from all over the world every year. Our clinic is located in the city's business district, however most tourist locations are just 10-20 minutes away. Here is some useful information about your hair transplantation in Antalya.

Why Antalya is The Top Choice for Hair Transplantation

Direct Flights: Due to Antalya's popularity among tourists, most major cities in Europe and even Middle East have direct flights to Antalya. UK, Scandinavia, Germany and other regions are serviced by European and Turkish low-cost airliners, so flights to Antalya are often cheaper than those going to Istanbul.

Relaxed, Healthy Atmosphere: Antalya is known as the happiest city in Turkey, with over 300 sunny days a year. No traffic jams, no rude taxi drivers - only great food, excellent weather and blue Mediterranean sea.

Absolute Safety: As a city of tourists and expats, Antalya has one of the lowest crime rates in the country. No need to worry about security, just enjoy the sun and the sea.

Short Transfers: It takes on average 20 minutes for patients to drive to our hair transplant clinic in the centre of the city when travelling from the airport. That's less time than it takes to exit Istanbul Ataturk Airport's parking lot.

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Implanter Pen Hair Transplant in
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Choose getFUE Clinic in Antalya

getFUE are one of the oldest and most experienced clinics in the field in Turkey. Our specialists have been practicing hair transplantation for more than a decade, making them an exceptionally experienced team. We constantly update our facilities and keep up with the latest improvements in hair restoration methods. Here are the top reasons why patients from around the world choose to undergo this procedure in Antalya with getFUE:

  1. Our Exceptional Service: a team of consultants is always ready to answer your every question. We take time to explain the procedure and the expected results to every patient. And once you are ready to proceed, we will guide you through the entire process, assisting you in finding the best deals on flights, arranging private transfers and making sure you are comfortable at every stage of the process.
  2. Our Superb Facilities: following a model that has served us well for many years, getFUE operates exclusively in fully certified hospital facilities. For our patients this means that every transplant is carried out in highly sterile operating rooms, where all risks of infection or complications are minimised. Patients recover in single suites with 24/7 nurse care, so you know you are in good hands during the entire time.
  3. The Very Latest Technology: we are one of the few clinics in Turkey to use the famed Implanter Pen method of hair transplantation. Our leading surgeon is an absolute expert with this tool. The Implanter Pen completely revolutionises the process of donor graft implantation, significantly decreasing trauma during the transplant, shortening the recovery period and improving the graft survival rate.

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