Cost of Hair Transplantation in Turkey

At getFUE Hair Transplant Clinic in Antalya

Our prices reflect our utmost commitment to quality, personal service and your comfort, unlike our budget competitors. We are a fully certified and regulated clinic, part of a large private hospital, which lets us offer you round-the-clock care, an unrivalled level of safety and a 5-star level of comfort.

Small Package

/ 2000 grafts*

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This package is for:

Hairline correction
or crown area recovery

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Big Package

/ 3500 grafts*

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This package is for:

Combined recovery
of hairline and crown area

Individual Package


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This package is for:

From minor correction
to full beard transplants

Always Included in Cost:




Hair Care


With getFUE, you can get the best hair transplantation prices in Turkey and still enjoy all the benefits of choosing the leading restoration center. Our clinic is part of a certified, private full service hospital in Antalya, so our patients always get the very best treatment and care during their stay. With us, hair restoration procedures are always carried out in a highly sterile hospital environment by an experienced surgeon, together with a team of certified nurses, who use only top quality medical supplies and latest generation of FUE equipment.

*Prices for a transplant of up to the indicated amount of grafts

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I pay?

We ask patients to pay at the clinic, following their consultation with our operating specialists. We have no pre-payments and unfortunately we do not offer any payment plans at this moment.

How can I pay?

You are welcome to pay in cash. Prices are quoted in Euros. Payment in other currencies is subject to the daily conversion rate. You can also use a debit/credit card. If you use a payment card, the charge will be converted to local currency and subject to additional taxes and fees.

Are there other expenses?

No. Transportation, accommodation, medication etc. are all included in your price. However it's always a good idea to have additional funds.

Is it safe to bring cash/valuables?

Absolutely. Our driver will pick you up from the airport. There will be a safe in your room. In order to access the patient floor and your room, one needs a magnetic card. Security is a taken seriously at the clinic.

Where will I stay?

Our patients enjoy the comfort of a 5-star, all-inclusive hotel, which is located a short drive from the clinic. Patients can extend their stay in the same hotel for additional nights at a special rate. Our driver will be taking care of your transfers to and from the hotel and clinic.

What number of grafts will you transplant?

Our specialists will determine this based on the condition of your donor area. Harvesting too many grafts might result in permanent damage. During your pre-transplant consultation, you will get a projected number of grafts. Following your transplant, an exact number will be given to you.

Where will my transplant take place?

The actual procedure takes place in highly sterile operating room at the clinic, using sterile and approved equipement and supplies.

Will I need to purchase additional medication after the transplant?

No. Every patients get a set of products including a specially selected lotion and shampoo. You will also get a package of anti-inflammatory medication. All included in the quoted price. We have a selection of additional products for sale.

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