Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction Method

The newest hair transplantation method

Advanced Follicular Unit Extraction Method

Every FUE hair transplant at our private hospital in Antalya is performed by an experienced surgeon and a team of trained nurses. We have a "one patient a day" policy, meaning that every client will have the doctor with the team booked for the whole day. Every FUE operation at our hospital is carried out in a highly sterile operating room in order to maximise the safety and to guarantee the best results. We use only the latest generation of FUE equipment and a unique tool for implantation - the Choi Implanter Pen. Our hair clinic is part of a certified and accredited hospital.

Step One: Before Your Transplant

Patients arrive at the clinic one day before their procedure. After a good night's sleep in one of our deluxe suites, our leading transplantation specialist invites you in for a personal consultation. Here, together with the patient, the surgeon determines the borders of the patient's new hairline and what the density of the transplanted hair will be. An approximate number of transplanted grafts is discussed. Then, if the patient has taken advantage of our unique PRP Stem Cell Therapy, we draw blood for centrifuging. Finally, the patient is taken down to one of our highly sterile operating rooms. Hair is trimmed off to allow access to donor grafts at the back of the head.

Step Two: Extracting Hair Grafts

extracting hair grafts

During an Advanced FUE operation, an instrument called the micro motor is used to make a small, circular incisions in the skin around a follicle, separating it from the surrounding tissue. The graft is then extracted (pulled) directly from the scalp, leaving a small hole. We use different sizes of the micro motor - smaller instruments are used for 1 hair grafts, while larger ones are required for extracting multiple hair grafts. Extraction using the FUE method does not produce an elongated scar usually associated with an FUT procedure. Using the micro motor allows our surgeons to transplant up to 3500 grafts in one procedure. The number of grafts required for covering the balding area is safely extracted without damaging the donor area at the back or sides of the head.

hair transplantation in turkey

Step Three: Planting the Extracted Grafts

implanting hair grafts with choi implanter pen

After the team has extracted the necessary amount of grafts, a short lunch break is held. Then, the plantation phase begins. Plantation is the final phase of the Advanced FUE hair transplantation. During this stage, the extracted grafts are planted into the problematic (balding) areas, one by one, following the natural hair growth direction and creating a very natural look. The transplanted hair retains all of its natural properties and continues to grow throughout life. Then, the first round of our PRP Stem Cell Therapy is applied.

Implantation is performed using the latest hair transplantation technique - the Choi Implanter Pen. This method allows our doctor to plant graft without making the channel incisions first. The Implanter Pen method dramatically minimises trauma to the scalp and, as a result, shortens the recovery period and maximises graft survival following the surgery.

hair restoration in turkey

Step Four: Recovery

We recommend our patients to remain at the hospital for at least a night. This gives you the advantage of an efficient and safer healing process. Our specialised beds help you sleep in the correct position during the first night after the operation. We also provide you with a pillow, which fixates the position of your head. Before you are discharged, our specialist will assist you during the first hair wash. It is extremely important that the first hair wash is carried out under a supervision of a specialist to ensure that no damage is done to the transplanted follicles. Every patient receives a special shampoo and a lotion to treat the transplanted areas after the procedure.

Post-Op Care

2 days after your procedure, you are free to travel back home. As part of our after care pack, all patients get a complimentary head cover, which can be used during air travel. Our service does not stop there - clinic consultants will assist you and answer your questions during the coming months. You are always welcome to contact us.

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