Step-by-Step Guide to Hair Transplantation

guide to hair transplantation in turkey

Every FUE hair transplant procedure is a carefully planned event. From the moment you make an inquiry up to the point when you see the great results of you hair restoration procedure, getFUE clinic professionals will be there to help you. Many of our customers contact us asking about the steps concerning the scheduling phase in order to get a hair transplant. While every operation requires a very personal approach, here are several main stages that we go through together with each of our customers:

Preliminary hair specialist consultation

In order to advise you, we need to see 3 pictures of your hair as it is today: from the front, from the side and the back of the head. After you send in your photographs, our specialists can make an initial assessment of the number of grafts that we can transplant for you. Please note, that this is not final. Only personal consultations with our hair clinic specialists will give you a more precise idea. You will receive a detailed quote and you can then begin searching for a convenient flight to Antalya.

Planning your trip to Turkey, Antalya

We reserve a time for your transplantation. Our policy is to schedule one operation per hair transplant team per day. All you need to do is let us know of the date you are planning to come and to purchase your flight tickets. We will take care of the transfers to the clinic and hotel from the airport. Before you travel, you will receive an information pack from our consultant explaining everything in great detail.

Consultation in the getFUE hair clinic

When you arrive in Antalya, the first thing you need to do is to go through a personal consultation with our leading hair specialist. Here the doctor will explain the steps of the procedure, the immediate and long-term effects and everything else you need to know about your FUE hair transplant. Together, you will also draw your new hairline before the procedure using a special marker.

FUE hair transplant procedure

Your hair transplant takes place the next day after you arrive in Antalya, right after your consultation with the specialist. FUE hair procedures last from 4 hours to 8 hours depending on the number of grafts transplanted and other factors. The transplant team includes the leading specialist and a number of nurses. You are made comfortable during the procedure and a small break is usually held in the middle of the procedure where the patient is given food.

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Recovery after hair transplant

After the FUE hair transplant procedure, the patient is usually asked to stay in the clinic for at least a night. This is to ensure better healing. You are constantly taken care of by the nurses and the hair transplant specialist checks up on you. If a patient experiences any discomfort, we will be there to help you. We carry out all transplants at certified hospital, so an exceptional level of hygiene, patient care and comfort is guaranteed. In your patient room suite you have access to free WiFi, your own bathroom, an specialized bed, a flat screen TV and meals.

Discharge from the clinic

Before you leave, our specialist will supervise you during your first hair wash. You will also receive a set of special hair care products, a special pillow and detailed post-operation instructions. Included in your price is also a transfer to the airport.

When you return home

You will return home with a set of hair care prodecuts, a specialised pillow and our recommendations for post-op care. Our consultants are always available to answer any questions, also after your transplant.

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